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9:00 Friday Roundtable

This week, three first-generation Minnesotans discuss “Fresh Off the Boat.” It’s the memoir-turned-TV sit-com about immigrant families and what it means to become “American.” 

Guests: Randy Reyes, Artistic Director at Mu Performing Arts
Kao Kalia Yang, author of the Late Homecomer
Javier Morillo, Union President SEIU 26 and contributor to the Wrong About Everything podcast

10:00 Department of Homeland Security 

The Department of Homeland Security is veering on the edge of a shutdown. Its current budget expires at 12:01 on Saturday unless a congressional compromise is reached. President Obama's executive order on immigration plays a pivotal role in this debate. We'll use this time to look deeper into what's on the table during the budget negotiations. 

Guest: Daniel Newhauser, correspondent for the National Journal 

10:30 BBC Documentary

11:00 Military Contractors 

We talk about private military contractors who served--and continue to serve--abroad. What services are available to these contractors when they return? What healthcare options do they have for injuries sustained on the job? How do these benefits compare to that available to military veterans?

Guests: Kristen Kaszynski- widow of Kyle Kasynski, who died while working for a private military contractor in Iraq
Sean McFate- author, The Modern Mercenary
Gary Pitts-Attorney, Pitts & Mills


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