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Producers' Notes for Tuesday Live

9:00 a.m. Bill Doherty is the author of the new "Cooperative Private Divorce" bill set to go before the Minnesota legislature this session, which would drastically change divorce proceedings - allowing for the process to happen outside the court. We'll look at how this could change divorce in the state, the state of divorce in the US, and why getting a divorce anywhere is so difficult and costly. 

Guest: Bill Doherty is the project director for 'Minnesota Couples on the Brink' and a professor at the University of Minnesota

9:45 a.m. "When Your Punctuation Says It All (!)"

Guest: Jessica Bennett is a journalist covering gender and culture for TIME and the New York Times

10:00 a.m. We'll kick off our words and language series with entomologist Anatoly Lieberman. 

Guest: Anatoly Liberman is a professor in the German, Scandinavian and Dutch departments at the University of Minnesota. He is the author of "Etymology for Everyone: Word Origins and How We Know Them."

10:50 a.m Book Pick

11:00 a.m. St. Paul has a new Public Works director. Former City Council President Kathy Lantry takes up the post this week. Public Works Departments manage everything from sewers to recycling to street design.  In both Minneapolis and St. Paul, they have the biggest chunk of the city budgets. Urban geographer and writer Bill Lindeke argues that the job of public works staffers is changing in the face of new challenges -- growing pressure to make cities walkable and bikable, increased community engagement, and even climate change.

Guests: Kathy Lantry is the public works director for St. Paul
Bill Lindeke is an urban geographer, writer and editor, Streets.MN and also Serves on the St. Paul Planning Commission. 


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