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Producer's Note, Wednesday, April 20th Live

9 am School Violence

Description: Many school districts around the country hope to prevent school violence in all of its forms by increasing the numbers of security personnel. In troubled schools, the result is often more cops on staff than counselors. As school districts rethink whether or not it’s useful to expel students, violence persists-increasingly between security personnel, teachers and students. MPR News host Kerri Miller talks with Deborah Fowler, executive director of Texas Appleseed, about her state’s efforts to understand and control student violence, and with Richard Ingersoll, Professor of Education and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, about national trends.

Guest #1: Deborah Fowler, Executive Director of Texas Appleseed

Guest #2: Richard Ingersoll, Professor of Education and Sociology at Penn

10 am John Huntsman

Jon Hunstman is a former Republican governor, ambassador and candidate for president. Now he leads the No Labels movement, which encourages bi-partisan or non-partisan problem-solving for the nation’s most pressing issues. 

10:45 Screentime: Texting in Movie Theaters

Should you text in movie theaters? Kerri and Steph discuss.

11 am Graduation Rates Program

As part of our continuing coverage of graduation disparities in MN <>, we’ll take a deeper dive into the question of rigor. Minnesota has positioned itself as a high-rigor state with regard to graduation requirements, but some people say we’re not rigorous enough. They point to the number of kids who enter college or the workforce unprepared. But in a system that already shows disparate graduation rates between white students and students of color, where should we set the standard for getting a diploma?

At the top of the show, MPR’s Laura Yuen will set up this conversation. She’ll introduce us to some of the teachers and students who are affected by questions of rigor and expectations.

Guest 1:
Kent Pekel
President and CEO, Search Institute

Guest 2:
Carlos Mariani
DFL Rep, Minnesota House of Representatives
Executive Director, Minnesota Education Equity Partnership


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