Producer's Note, Thursday, May 19th, 2016 | Minnesota Public Radio News

Producer's Note, Thursday, May 19th, 2016 Live

9 am Third Parties
Hook: Speculation about possible third party bids from both sides of the aisle has reached a fever pitch…
Description: Democrats and Republicans have both been talking about the possibility of a third party run and what that might mean for establishment candidates. Will Bernie Sanders try to unite progressives under a third party banner? Will Mitt Romney run as an alternative to Donald Trump? Is it even possible to accomplish at this point. MPR Newscut Blogger Bob Collins talks with Tim Walch, historian and retired director of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, about the history of third party politics in presidential elections. And with GUEST #2 about the reality of a third party bid taking hold at this point in the election cycle.
Guest #1: Tim Walch, Historian and retired director of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library
Guest #2: Julia Azari, Associate Professor of Political Science and Assistant Chair, Marquette University
945 am Climate Cast
We’ll take stock of the latest conditions in the Arctic
GUEST: Director Mark Serreze, Senior Research Scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center
10 am Rob Schmitz
Bob Collins hosts
Marketplace reporter and Minnesota native Rob Schmitz has written a book about his new hometown: Shanghai, China. In “Street of Eternal Happiness”, he chronicles the lives of several people and families who live and work along one busy Shanghai road. In one of the world’s most populous cities, Schmitz tells deeply personal stories about the hopes and dreams of the individuals he follows. He talks with MPR’s Newscut blogger Bob Collins.
Rob Schmitz will discuss his book, “Street of Eternal Happiness: Big City Dreams Along a Shanghai Road”, at Common Good Books in St. Paul on Thursday, May 19 at 7pm.
Rob Schmitz, China Correspondent for Marketplace
11 am Legislature
With only a few days left in the 2016 session, we’ll check in with the legislative leaders about what’s left to do and whether they’ll get it done.
Guest 1:
Sen. Tom Bakk
Senate Majority Leader >
Guest 2:
Rep. Kurt Daudt
Speaker of the House
ASKED FOR 11:45am
Daudt Contact:
MPR News Presents
Wurzer, Huttner, Seeley and health professionals  on the impact of climate change on our health. recorded at Rochester Civic Center 4/26.


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