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President-elect Donald Trump

  • New Hampshire voters give Sanders, Trump first 2016 win

    Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both won convincing victories in New Hampshire's presidential primary, according to projections by The Associated Press.

    The early, definitive wins by Sanders and Trump are a departure from last week's Iowa caucuses, which were decided on the Democratic side by the smallest of margins and late into the night.

    Trump has dominated the Republican race for months, but time after time politicians and political observers have questioned whether the New York billionaire could translate his populist appeal into electoral success.

    Trump has tapped into Republicans' anger with Washington, D.C., and according to exit polls, he was on to something: An overwhelming 9 of 10 GOP voters say they're either dissatisfied or angry. According to those exit polls, Republicans said the economy, government and terrorism were their top issues of concern.

    Democrats, on the other hand, said income inequality was their main worry, followed closely by the economy and health care. Terrorism was at the bottom of the list. Sanders has made income inequality the organizing theme of his presidential effort, frequently calling for a "political revolution" that, among other things, would include a single-payer health care system.

    Hillary Clinton's campaign had been setting low expectations in New Hampshire for weeks, noting Sanders' long career in a neighboring state. But until tonight, the Granite State had been good to the Clinton family. Bill Clinton dubbed himself "The Comeback Kid" after he weathered personal and draft-related scandals to finish second there in 1992, and Hillary Clinton stunned pollsters in 2008 by defeating Barack Obama there after he had won a surprising Iowa victory.

    -- Scott Detrow, NPR

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