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2nd Congressional District DFL candidate forum

A discussion of issues with candidates seeking the DFL nomination in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District

  • Share your insights about the 2nd Congressional District here. Catch up on news from the district here from Minnesota Today. If you only read one thing about this race, check out Mark Zdechlik's story about Democrats feeling optimistic in the newly redrawn district.
  • The forum starts today at 12:00p.m.
  • It's vital that when looking at ways to balance the budget, we are not letting our infrastructure crumble. I would look to see what are the most important infrastructure projects first, when addressing which programs get funded.
  • The first way to prioritize projects is to listen to the communities throughout the district and then decide which projects best support the community. while I don't want to commit to a specific project without knowing all the needs in the district, there are projects like bridges in Scott Country and road infrastructure throughout the area that need funding. And projects like these create jobs and are utilized by everyone, from workers to business owners, which is good for improving the overall economy.
  • Jim Copeland in Apple Valley is a Kline supporter, and raises a question on many voters minds: “What specifics do you propose to bring the deficit in balance? What specific proposals do you have that will encourage business to invest in growth?”
  • We need both a short-term and a long term approach to job creation. First we need to incentivize small businesses to conduct R&D that will lead to new innovation, which will create jobs. Also we need to make sure we are giving businesses incentives to invest in American jobs, and disincentives for shipping jobs overseas. Third, we need to cut spending by eliminating redundancies in government programs and streamline services.
  • We have to focus on three strategies to reduce the deficit. First, we have to look at taxes and make sure everyone is paying fairly. Supporting the Buffett rule will start that process. Second, we have to look at spending, and one place to do that is the defense budget, which is about $700 billion dollars. I think that there are places in that budget to reduce spending. And third, the most important way to address the deficit is to support growth by investing in our future. People with jobs support our economy.
  • Rep. Klien has a significant fundraising advantage. What would you do to be a competitive candidate in the general election should you win the primary?
  • I'm the only candidate running for the DFL nomination that can put in the 60+ hours per week it will take to beat incumbent Congressman Kline. I will have a laser-like focus on raising money and connecting with voters to get our message out there. We intend on having the resources to introduce the real John Kline to CD-02.
  • A strong organization is necessary to be competitive against John Kline and I've been building one since I started this campaign! Additionally, I am an experienced fundraiser - we've had strong DFL candidates in the past who weren't comfortable raising the money needed to run a strong race. But it'll be tireless campaigning and the work of many supporters who will assist in this effort to win!
  • We're about to wrap things up. Candidates, please post your closing statements, and thanks for participating!
  • From Kathleen Gaylord: "Thank you to MPR News Public Insight Network and those who participated in this forum. I hope to have other opportunities to interact with you on the many issues that you and our working families across this district care about. This promises to be a lively race in a district that many political observers consider a toss-up. I'm excited and working to build a winning campaign to provide the voters with new representation in Minnesota's Second Congressional District.

    "Again, please take a chance to visit me online at KathleenGaylord.com and join me at www.facebook.com/KathleenGaylord and @KathleenGaylord to continue this conversation."
  • This has been a great forum and I look forward to meeting all the voters during this race! Voters in November will have a clear choice between me and an incumbent whose tenure has been characterized by an indifference to the local needs in the 2nd District. Kline’s opposition to education clearly shows that his values and priorities do not match those of this district - families struggle to afford college and Kline opposes affordable college loans. Kline’s support of the Ryan budget reflects a lack of connection to the residents of this district. From privatizing Medicare to reducing tax rates for the country’s top earners, he sides with a small minority and ignores most of us. Our deficit will not be reduced by cutting taxes of the highest income earners, but by passing the Buffett rule, cutting unnecessary spending, and encouraging growth in our economy.

    I am seeking the DFL endorsement because I am the best candidate to represent the 2nd District and involve residents and communities in the policy-making process. A commitment to service is a value I have embodied throughout my career and I will serve the 2nd District with the same commitment to the public good.

    Please visit me at www.ganeyforcongress.com and Like me at facebook.com/ganeyforcongress
  • Thank you for participating in today's forum. I appreciated the questions and the chance to chat. I believe I am the only candidate running for the DFL nomination that can put in the time and raise the necessary resources to beat John Kline. I grew up on a small dairy farm and worked my way through college and law school. I've proven that I can win in conservative-leaning districts. I got into this race because I believe we should have representation in Washington that stands up for the middle class, not corporate interests. I hope you consider supporting me for the DFL nomination and in the November election.

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  • Thank you Mike and Patrick for participating. Thanks everyone for your questions. I'd like to hear your views on the forum, you can send them to me molson@mpr.org. You can also follow news about the 2nd Congressional District at Minnesota Today.
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