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Top 8 facts about Minnesota's brewing history

  • The first "commercial" brewery was started by Anthony Yoerg, a Bavarian native, near where the parking ramp for the Science Museum of Minnesota is today. He started there in 1849, but soon had competition both in the neighborhood and around the state.

    There were, of course, families brewing on their own before this. The records of the Sibley family show they purchased hops, which were almost certainly used for brewing.

    Yoerg's basic beer was a lager, probably light to medium amber in color. It may have been a lot like Schell's Firebrick. Yoerg also would have made a bock beer for release in the Spring, which would have been similar to modern bock beers.
    by Doug Hoverson edited by Michael Olson, MPR News 11/19/2013 6:00:40 PM
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