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Did Surdyk's liquor store deserve a penalty?

    Do you think Surdyk's liquor store deserved a penalty? Here's what members of the Public Insight Network had to say:

    "Yes, because the law was not yet in effect. That company providing off-sale on Sunday is in violation of the current law. From reading the news reports, the owner/manager knew that what he was doing was in violation of the current law, but did not care." — Scott, St. Paul
    "The penalty is punitive and petty. What harm did it do? The legislature has expressed their will. There is nothing magic about the default of July 1 for it to go into effect. Just because they can impose a penalty, does not mean they should. The time delay is more for the bureaucrats to change their rules and procedures, than for the retailers to change." — Gordon, Minneapolis
    "Yes. The law has to be observed, even a silly law." — Charles, St. Paul
    "Yes, they willfully broke the law. Just because it will be legal in June doesn't mean it's legal now. I can't imagine they thought this would go unpunished." — Cole, Fairbault
    "Yes — the law is the law and he's just being a putz!" — Roberta, Osseo
    "No. Blue laws like those prohibiting Sunday sales should never have been passed, let alone ever enforced." — Clinton, St. Paul
    "They deserve a harsher penalty than 30 days. While 30 days will seriously affect the company, they were knowingly in clear and absolute violation of the (albeit ridiculous) law. He also put his employees in a position where they were asked to perform an illegal activity." — Jeremy, St. Paul
    "Not really, they pointed out the foolishness of blue laws." — Pat, Minneapolis
    "No, because he is already creating tax income for the city and state. I could see the fine as being arbitrary, but the license suspension was way over the line, in my opinion." — Gene, Andover
    "Yes, it was absolutely disrespectful to fair business practice. The owner's attitude is contemptible, showing no regret or awareness of how he disrespected his community." — Kristin, St. Paul
    "Yes. As attractive as it sounds to open now, the law doesn't go into effect until July — which, as I understand it, is partly to give smaller shops time to get their businesses in order. Furthermore, simply because it will be legal in July doesn't mean you can just opt to sell liquor on Sunday right now. People are welcome to break all the laws they disagree with, but that doesn't mean there won't be consequences." — Jon, Minneapolis
    "Of course. He broke the law as it stands as of now. It was a bone-headed thing to do and he deserves a penalty." — Tom, Esko
    "Deserved, no. Expected, yes ... the punishment is over the top and vindictive. The law was moralistic arbitrary, and Christian-centric. The legislature should have made Sunday sales legal effective immediately." — Shaina, Minneapolis
    "Is it dumb for them to do it? Yes. Should they suffer a monetary fine? Maybe. Should they have their license revoked? No. The law is signed and should have went in effect right away. We want this and it isn't going away." — Douglas, Minneapolis
    "Yes. Not only did he break the law, it was just to make a buck, and one at others' expense. Also, he did not tell his employees (abuse of power.)" — Kari, Minneapolis
    "No. This is such a long time coming, to delay the opening until summer is just ridiculous at this point." — Amber, Minneapolis

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