Do you support the Minn. Senate bill to restrict local labor rules?

Controversial legislation that would stop cities from enacting sick leave ordinances, minimum wage requirements and other rule has cleared the state Senate.

    The Minnesota Senate has voted to overturn Twin Cities employment ordinances. Senators approved what's called a preemption measure. It bars local governments from setting wage and benefit requirements that go beyond state law.
    Those arguing for the law say it's about setting uniform standards statewide, so businesses aren't burdened with writing their own labor regulations. Supporters argue that the bill will protect local control by keeping discussions on wages, benefits and salaries between employer and employee. Low wages should not be a problem in the current market, as low jobless rates will compel employers to raise wages and add benefits.
    Those arguing against the law say the bill only works to halt legitimate efforts toward higher workplace standards. Paid sick leave ordinances in the Twin Cities would be stopped should this bill pass, even though there was support for their adoption. Those opposed say it's intruding on local governance and would strip meaningful benefits from lower-income workers just as they were about to kick in.
    The bill heads next to a likely conference committee. It's not clear if it will continue to move on its own or be attached to a budget measure.
    Do you support the Minn. Senate bill to restrict local labor rules?
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