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Travelog: Duluth to Montgomery

Follow along as two MPR News journalists take a bus ride from Duluth, Minn. where three black men were lynched in 1920 to Montgomery, Ala. for the opening of a memorial to honor the thousands of African-American men, women and children that were lynched in America.

    Memorial opening, day 2

    The names of the men lynched in Duluth are carved in a metal slab at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Ala., on Friday. Tom Weber | MPR News

    Friday was the second day in Montgomery for the group Minnesotans that set out from Duluth Tuesday evening, headed for Montgomery, Alabama, and the opening of the new National Memorial for Peace and Justice which honors the victims of lynchings in the U.S.

    There are programs going on around the city and a big concert tonight. And some couldn't get in to the memorial yesterday because of the crowds, so they are visiting it today.
    In the memorial, a metal slab hangs for each county in the country was the site of a lynching.
    St. Louis County hangs there, representing the lynching of three young men in Duluth after a mob dragged them from jail and hung them from a light pole. At the scene that night, a photograph was taken that was turned into a postcard.
     DocumentaryPostcard from a lynching
    Rain didn't lesson the impact of the memorial on its opening day. Evan Frost | MPR News
    Tom Weber and Evan Frost from MPR News are with the group and you can follow along with them here. 
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