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Election Day 2017

  • In Minneapolis, ballots low or gone at many polling places

    "Stay in line" is the message to voters in Minneapolis still at the polls, says city clerk Casey Carl.

    Several polling places have run out of ballots throughout the day, and 25 to 30 are running very low, Carl said Tuesday night. 

    And "our pool of available ballots is running low," he said.

    Elections workers in Minneapolis are trying to get new ballots printed as quickly as possible, Carl said. 

    If you get in line by 8 p.m. when polls close, you can still vote — even after 8.

    Why the issues? Turnout is high, and there are have been more spoiled ballots than usual, Carl said. 

    Many ballots were spoiled by voters making mistakes while filling out their ranked choices. For example, Carl said some people marked their choices all in the first column, invalidating the ballot, rather than choosing one candidate for each of the columns.
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