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Election Day 2017

Voters across Minnesota have a chance to vote for mayors, city council and school board members today. Here's a look at what's on the ballot in your area and what's happening at polling places across the state.

    St. Paul picks Carter for mayor; Minneapolis keeps counting

    Melvin Carter celebrates his win at the Red Cap Room. Evan Frost | MPR News
    St. Paul voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly chose Melvin Carter as the city's next mayor.

    Carter, a former St. Paul City Council member, won about 51 percent of the vote, dominating a crowded field in the race to replace Mayor Chris Coleman. Council member Pat Harris came in a distant second winning about 25 percent of the vote.

    The fact that Carter won more than 50 percent of the vote decided the matter relatively quickly Tuesday night.

    Both Minneapolis and St. Paul this year used ranked-choice voting, a system that allows voters to rank their candidates, giving contenders a chance to win even if voters didn't consider them a first choice.

    While Carter's 51 percent quickly ended the drama in St. Paul, the Minneapolis mayoral race was shaping into a five-way battle between Jacob Frey, Nekima Levy-Pounds, Raymond Dehn, Tom Hoch and incumbent Mayor Betsy Hodges. Late Tuesday night, Frey was in the lead for first-choice votes, snagging 24.97 percent of them. Hoch was next with 19.27 percent of first choices, followed by Hodges with 18.08 percent. 
    Since none of the Minneapolis candidates won a majority of votes in the initial count, election officials must continue moving through the ballots, counting voters' second and third choices until one candidate snags a majority.
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