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Minnesota chooses Biden in Super Tuesday Primary

  • DHS says everything going according to plan, but be patient

    A number of states reported election technology issues throughout the day Tuesday, but national security officials say those are isolated incidents. There is no evidence of any election interference aimed at voting systems, Department of Homeland Security officials told reporters at a briefing Tuesday afternoon.

    In California, 15 counties had issues connecting to the state’s voter registration system, which then required a server to be reconfigured and restarted, according to the California secretary of state. In Minnesota, an online polling-place locator crashed, and a staffer mistakenly then linked to a partisan website for voters to get information.

    Long lines and voting machine failures have been reported in Texas as well.

    None of that is out of the ordinary for an election involving tens of millions of votes, however, says Chris Krebs, the director of the DHS’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

    “These are intermittent I.T. issues that are resolved, all the systems are back up online. All the systems look green right now,” Krebs said. “We are not aware of any persistent long-term issues related to the election infrastructure in the United States right now.”

    Krebs, and acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, spoke with reporters from a war room full of election experts, voting machine vendor representatives, and national security officials.

    That sort of coordination wasn’t present in 2016 when Russia staged an attack on American democracy, Krebs said.

    Although there isn’t evidence at this point of the sort of cyber attacks operatives staged four years ago, disinformation efforts on social media have continued. Officials say they haven’t seen a spike on Tuesday, but that it’s more of a “steady and constant flow.”

    “The Russians never left after 2016,” Krebs said.

    The voting advocacy coalition Election Protection says it has filed an FEC complaint about a robocall that went out to some voters saying the primary election was Wednesday and not Tuesday.

    Federal officials also stressed patience Tuesday night, as states such as California and Texas have made it clear they may not have complete results by the time many people in the Eastern time zone want to go to bed.

    “Tonight’s unofficial results as they come in, are just that: They’re unofficial,” Wolf said. “It takes time for state and local officials to count and certify results, so we ask for your patience, which is absolutely critical for the process.”

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