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Flyover: How do military veterans fit into American identity?

Support for our troops is a common refrain during campaign season and after a national crisis. But how often do Americans think about vets on the days in between? With fewer Americans serving in the armed forces, is there a growing disconnect between veterans and the civilians they serve? This week on Flyover, as we reflect on Veteran's Day weekend, we're talking about where veterans fit into America's national identity.

    Please check the backgrounds of the Federal ad 50 State Houses and Senates. You will find more Vet's than you think. Many women ad me wo signed up after 2001 are 15 years older now, but still motivated to serve.
    Unfortunately the bad experiences their parents had coming home from Nam is resulting in Vets downplaying their military service. Plus our culture rewards all leaders and would be leaders on "what are you going to do for us tomorrow". So past service is not always a selling point. Veterans are you friends, neighbors, co-workers and your kids coaches an teachers. We just are not flashy abut our prior service.
    I’m torn between having respect for the individuals who put themselves in harm’s way by joining the military, but then not being in support of the wars the are asked to fight in. I would be interested in your guests’ thoughts about that.
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