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Flyover: Is American identity shaped by the view from abroad?

President Trump won his office on the promise to always put “America first,” enticing the many people who have personally experienced the downsides of globalization to support him. But not all Americans were keen on pulling back our influence on the global community. This week on Flyover, we’re talking about how America — and Americans — are seen abroad. Does it matter how other nations look at America? Is our identity at home at all shaped by the gaze from abroad?

    You present your question as one dealing with a general perception of the U.S. in other countries but quote statistics contrasting the worlds confidence in the last two presidents. Which question do you want answered? If we are talking about presidents I am encouraged that people overseas have a low opinion Trump's actions. On the more general question, I am saddened that the present administration is reflecting poorly on the nation as a whole. I think many people in other countries are able to realize this might be a passing cloud and are maintaining a hopeful attitude about the U.S.
    Hubris in premise breathtaking! Aren't Israel (5778 yrs) China (5000 yrs) Europe (2000 yrs) exceptional? Trump represents us??????????
    Just started listening, so perhaps t" his has been said already. But I don't believe that the perception in Europe anyway, is any longer that the USA is "the" leader of the free world. I have heard Angela Merkel referred to as the "leader of the free world" more than once. I agree with comment/Moreau here about that USA has not had moral authority. Since Trump we have no credibility in the world. this will hurt Americans ability to progress, to be part of a community that can work together if there is a war. we are behind on so many measures of a successful country. Dangerous and embarrassing.
    Slavery, Indian genocide, Japanese internment, Vietnam, CIA assassinations, Gitmo torture, etc...moral authority? No nation respects Trump's US today Wake up
    It's laughable that America always does things for other countries as your speaker suggests. Yes, we have provided food - but we've put local farmers out of work with food aid. Yes, drug aid has been helpful - but also has downsides. Typically every time America comes in, like all colonizing nations, it's to capture resources. Every war has been about resources from sugar to rubber to oil. The reason they hate us is NOT our Freedom or our supposed Exceptionalism. It's because we kill citizens and arrogantly take over EVERYWHERE we go.
    Please do not confuse the Hollywood propaganda of the handsome cowboy and the good GI with the dastardly actions of an imperialistic unbridled capitalism!!!
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