Headline: Can America bridge its racial divide? | Minnesota Public Radio News

Headline: Can America bridge its racial divide?

This week on Flyover, a crash course on how to have a meaningful conversation about race. At a time when America is increasingly divided by party affiliations, geography and gender, we'll discuss how we can have meaningful conversations about one of the nation's most polarizing issues: race. "Bias" and "privilege" are mentioned a lot in American discourse, but when is the last time you had an in-depth discussion with a person of another race?

    I am a Human Being who grew up in rural Wisconsin and when I decided to attend College I choose to earn my degree in Early Childhood Development. NOW is the time to admit We are all Human beings and acknowledge that We Human Beings are the way we are because of genes from our parents.We cannot point blame to any Human Being because of the color of their skin.
    As for the term WHITE is the color of a T-shirt in a store at Walmart. I am married to African American Male who grew up in New York City. We are changing White to European American just like African American.
    I would like to see more open discussion and those who enter college this is the time now to have more Cultural and Diversity Training.I chose to major in Early Childhood Development because of Racial Divide in the Mid West. It is no ones fault so now we need to HELP each other see no other Human Adult is better than no other Human Being.
    Now is the time to talk about it and I for one will not live in fear. We start by stop calling White Fokes...These generations are all Human beings and need to be called by their Human name. I am appalled for those of you who are suppose to be scientist and Early Child Hood Development Psychologists White and Foke. Please address as Human Beings or African Americans and European Americans. Right now. none other human being is better than the other...If we all keep it REAL and WAKE UP the future can be better right now. We are also living in a Class War as well. Now is the time for Equality for all Human Beings right now kids!!!
    Racism is a sign of mental Illness so WE need to talk about it!!! Welcome to the future right now and change for future right now!!! Kids and families first right now!!!
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