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President Trump campaigns in Duluth

  • Trump talks up his approach to trade before Minnesota rally

    DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — President Donald Trump is talking up the economy as holds a pre-rally roundtable in Minnesota.
    Trump is promoting his approach to trade as he meets with representatives from the mining industry and local leaders Wednesday at Duluth Cargo Connect. He says "billions" are "pouring into the Treasury" as a result.
    He also addressed the executive order he signed earlier Wednesday that will stop the separation of families caught crossing the border illegally.
    He says the U.S. has the "weakest" and "most pathetic immigration laws anywhere in the world." But he says things have to be done with "compassion."
    Trump narrowly lost Minnesota in 2016 and jokes that he would have won if he had made just one more speech. He says he has no doubt he'll win in 2020.
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