Protesters in Minneapolis join Eric Garner demonstrations | Minnesota Public Radio News

Protesters in Minneapolis join Eric Garner demonstrations

A crowd protesting police brutality stopped traffic this afternoon on Interstate 35W in Minneapolis as it headed toward downtown and a city hall rally.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation closed I-35W northbound at Exit 14 in Minneapolis for roughly an hour as more than 100 protesters staged a sit-in on the highway.

MnDOT reported that I-35W northbound was now clear.

The march and blockade are tied to outrage over the refusal of grand juries in New York and Ferguson, Missouri, to indict police officers who killed black men during confrontations.

Protesters were heard chanting "I can't breathe," reportedly the last words of Eric Garner, who was subdued in a choke hold by New York City police. It's become a rallying cry for those protesting police brutality.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau this afternoon asked for "everyone's help in maintaining a safe and secure city while respecting private property."

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