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    Why is the snow orange?

    By Tim Nelson | MPR News
    The winter storm racing across Minnesota is carrying dust from as far away as Texas.
    Weather watchers say it's visible on the ground as a thin layer of dirt on the new snow.
    Meteorologists say the same massive low pressure system producing snow and howling winds in the Upper Midwest Thursday was blowing across the southwest yesterday and picked up clouds of dust in West Texas. National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Ahasic says dust storms actually closed interstates there yesterday.
    "As that dust just got lofted up into the air it got up into the jet stream which raced it northwest. And it's only about 900, 1000 miles as the crow flies down to that part of the country," Ahasic said. "So you can imagine if the winds are going 125, 150 miles an hour, it doesn't take too long for some of that dust to get up in our area here."
    People across the state have been posting photos of the orange and brown-tinted snow drifts on social media today.
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