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Has Tar-jay lost its Mo-jho? Here’s what you told us

Target reported a weak quarter, outlook despite uptick in customers.

    Customers who say they've been shopping at Target less

    "I've stopped buying groceries at Target due to the lack of organic and healthy options. I have been trying to buy more quality goods that are ethically made over cheap and dispensable products for clothing and home." — Molly, Burnsville
    "Target seems to have a problem keeping popular items in stock. Also, I find their produce often is at the end of its shelf life with the packaged salad items already showing signs of oxidation. Recently, I found the potatoes sprouting at the eyes." — Eardley, Woodbury
    "I recently changed my budget to account for child care changes and shopping at Target is more expensive than Walmart. I typically only go to Target now if I have a gift card. In addition, Walmart now has a service that you can order online and just pick up your groceries." — Nicole, Winona
    "I shop a little Less with regard to unnecessary items because I've gotten my credit use and spending under control. However I shop at Target more for groceries and everyday items." — Catherine, Minneapolis
    "I grocery shop there for about half my groceries (which hasn't changed much) but I rarely shop there for home goods, toiletries, clothes, electronics, etc. I think I'm generally just shopping for those items less these days." — Gina, St. Paul
    "A lot less, and it is 100% due to their political activism. Target has displayed everything that is wrong with business getting politically involved — they have lost 10 billion in stock price since they announced their ridiculous bathroom policy and now show a huge drop in profits — and yet they refuse to admit it has to do with this policy, get real. Their policy appealed to .4 percent of the populace at the expense of the vast majority who were either against this policy, offended by it or both. Thus, the majority has responded and voted with their feet, taking their business elsewhere - there is nothing surprising about Target's losses.  Target should fire everyone involved with Social Justice at their Corporate HQ and commit to a new corporate structure that gets out of trying to be P.C. These same tactics cost Target, Kellogg's and now Starbucks — offending the majority to support minuscule minority groups is a losing proposition - it is a private choice, not a corporate choice." — Troy, Esko
    "I would say definitely less the past few years. I know I used to be there at least once a week. I may be a non-standard consumer, because I really only head there for paper goods or some cleaning items now." — Andrea
    "Less, primarily cost on some items that my husband needs and they are significantly cheaper at Walmart. I would rather shop at Target, but we are retired, I have to shop wisely." — Nicola, Roseville
    "I actually try to avoid it as much as possible because, while I like their products and aesthetic, I like to support small businesses and Less mass-produced products." Dallas, Minneapolis.
    "Used to love grocery shopping there. They have changed out all the great organic brands to their own Target brands. Not to mention many foods are always out of stock." — Erin
    "Less, because we don't like fighting the crowds." — Caroline, Minneapolis
    "Some of it is trying to cut my spending and some of it is my disappointment in the sales ad. I used to look forward to the sales ad each week and almost always found something to buy, but now, I can't remember the last time I bought something from their sales ad." — Melissa, St. Paul
    "I love Target, but after the election we have cut back on all spending. The little extras seem so unimportant when the future of our country is so unsure." — Gina, St. Paul
    "I used to go there for everything, but I'm using Amazon and other online shopping so much more now.  It's really convenient." — Elizabeth, Istani.
    "Some of the selections and stock have decreased. The grocery selection seems focused toward prepared foods not raw ingredients. Kids clothing quality is good but selection and stock are an issue." — Chris, Northfield
    "Due to budget constraints, and I'm sticking much more to my list. Also, when I do shop Target, it takes a long time to get through the check out. While there are 20 lanes, only 3 are open. I used to shop more, and pick up more impulse buys." — Alicia, St. Paul
    "I used to stop in Target regularly, and always found things I needed. Target was a nice modest-sized store where you could find what you needed but not everything under the sun like the giant big box stores. But the stores got bigger, more difficult to navigate and find things, and when they added groceries too I gave up. Seldom go any more." — Julia, Minneapolis
    "I am shopping less lately for three reasons: The weather and roads has made travel on some days not worth it. I had a minor surgery, so I didn't want to go out as much.  But very importantly: in two years, quite a few of the items I've intended to buy have been off the shelf or only one item is there, though I intended to buy multiples. In each case, I've filled out the survey and reported this to the manager.  Otherwise, I'll say that I don't like the Target clothing for me, so I rarely ever look at that department. I rarely buy food at Target." — Lois, Cook
    "Significantly less. First and foremost, because we're (my household) being more conscientious about the items we purchase and ensuring our hard earned dollars are accurately reflecting our values. In general, we're monitoring our spending habits and cutting out excess. We've also cut spending there because their grocery items are overpriced.  As well as some other items." — Anna, St. Paul
    "I used to get all of my groceries there until Aldi opened just down the road. I've also since joined Amazon Prime, and since I hate crowds, I tend to do a lot more online shopping. In addition, I've started doing more shopping at second-hand stores for clothing." — Stephanie, Fridley.
    "When I go there to buy something they are out of stock or don't have what I am looking for so I have shifted to other retailers or online purchasing." — Jill, Minneapolis
    "The grocery items are over priced and I feel like there has been a huge decline in quality and quantity of staff. Never anyone working when I need help, and if I find someone, they usually are not helpful, i.e., won't check the stockroom for something that is out on a shelf or say they don't work in that area." — Laura, St. Louis Park
    "Used to shop in large quantities for toiletries, toilet paper and other basics. The
    Target generics lost quality such as shower gel. Now shop at Costco for price, commitment to organics and the way they treat employees" — Melinda, Minneapolis
    "I love the store and I used to go weekly for groceries, but the selection of produce is weak and costs more than other stores." - Natasha, Minneapolis
    " I can't find the deals that I once did at Target. And I can't stand the Cartwheel app. It never works for me. I hate shopping where I need coupons or apps. Just put stuff on sale! Don't make me work for it!" — Kelly, Fridley
    "I can shop online for many dry goods and at Co-ops for better, local produce." — Daniel, Richfield
    " We are trying to save money as we believe the Trump administration will have a dire effect on the American economy. Our family is working to save money in anticipation of political and economic instability." — Alliana, Minneapolis
    "Definitely less and it makes me sad. I love Target! In the past, I couldn't wait to go and would often shop a couple of times a week over my lunch hour. I would buy things not on my list, but that was part of the fun. For some reason, it's harder to have that experience any more. Not sure if it's because of their products or because I'm trying to be more purposeful about buying only what my family truly needs. In addition, I'm a working mom so it's easier now to order groceries online and that also includes all the necessary household products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc) that I normally would buy at Target.  Target's grocery experience just isn't up to shopping at HyVee both in quality of food and variety of foods." — Jenny, Mantorville
    "They closed profitable store in my town. I am done shopping there." — Sue, New Ulm
    "I go to Costco and Walmart as well for best deals." — Lysa, Andover
    "I need less for one and the way the massive layoffs were handled was horribly. If you lived in the Twin Cities you knew someone who was affected and it was done terribly especially from a PR point of view. It seems because of Target's massive fail in Canada a lot of employees had to pay (not so much management)." — Margot, St. Paul
    "I love Target for everything except food. Last year I bought Horizon Organic Cheese Shapes for my son. When I opened the package, they were covered in mold! Expired.
    Now, I always check the expiration date when buying anything at Target. Many times, I find that items are way too close to the expiration date to be on the shelves or even expired. My last crazy find was flour tortillas that expired three months prior!" — Julie, St. Paul
    "That's difficult to say since I do not have a regular shopping routine; however I think that I am buying less when there. I like Target, and it is my first choice when shopping for my routine household and personal items; that may be changing. They have changed their sales. I used to believe that with my Target debit card discount that the prices I paid were competitive with other discount stores. If sightly more, at least I felt that I was supporting my state economy and better employment practices than their major competitor. Now many of their discounts require that I purchase 4 of an item to receive a gift card or 3 items to get one free. This does not work for my budget or storage space. I find myself delaying purchases or searching elsewhere." — Rebecca, Duluth
    "Since they switched to CVS for pharmacy services, I cannot get some of my generic prescriptions there, so I switched to Walgreen's." — Jennifer, Wayzata
    "I used to go to Target for any excuse; I loved to browse around and take my time. Now I go only when I absolute have to and get out ASAP. The checkout lines are always excruciating (or do I always pick the slow line?). It takes so long to get checked out, product is often not stocked in shelves, and now Midway is going through something (remodeling?) and everything is moved, the aisles have been narrowed and it's really not pleasant to be there. I recall they went through some big store reorg not even a year ago where everything also got moved and rearranged. It's just a hassle." — Vanessa, St. Paul
    "It really wasn't until I read this story that I realized I had pulled back from shopping at Target for the last several months. Mostly, it's been because I have started shipping more with Amazon as they have increased their visibility and efficient delivery rates in the cities. It wasn't really a conscious decision — just convenience." — Damon, Minneapolis
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    Customers who say they haven't changed their shopping habits at Target

    "We are doing about the same amount of shopping at Target as we have in the past. My wife likes the Target stores over Walmart. We do an increased amount of purchases online, but many of these items are not items available at Target or Walmart for that matter." — Peter, North Branch
    "I'm shopping about the same, maybe a little more. I recently opened a Red Card so I'm saving more money. I like Target's liberal policies on transgender equality so I'll continue to shop there." — Lori, St. Michael
    "I'm shopping about the same amount. The only thing I've changed is that I no longer get my prescriptions from their pharmacy now that it is CVS. I like Target and I consider it my "go to" store for the miscellaneous stuff of life." — Susan, Brainerd
    "I have not cut back on Target at all.  It is my main store for groceries and everything else. I do rotate to other grocery stores occasionally as Target doesn't quite have the selection of a stand alone grocery. That said, HyVee just opened in Savage. It is new, shiny, and has lot of deli take out plus an  on site restaurant. It is also closer to my house. If I determine HyVee's prices are OK, that could affect how much I spend at Target." — Rochelle, Savage
    "About the same; possibly a little more. It's convenient and I like the Red Card and Cartwheel. I won't shop at Walmart." — Kirsta, Elk River
    "The same. I love Target. They are conveniently located, clean, nicely merchandised. The staff are friendly and helpful, returns are easy. They hire people with special needs and give to the community. I can find almost everything I need in one trip to a Super Target." — Lisa, St. Paul
    "I am still shopping about the same but getting increasingly irritated at the lack of checkout stations open. Clerks are standing near the check out stations but evidently have been trained to divert customers to the self-checkout counters. I refuse to use these since I believe self-checkouts will eventually result in the loss, jobs." — Ramona, Eveleth
    "Target is my go to store for anything. I prefer target over other stores because it's local and caries products by small companies and is always trying to ensure a healthy outcome for its customers." — Esha, St. Paul
    "I would say the same, or slightly more. I primarily shop there for groceries. They had a very clear problem with keeping groceries in stock the last year or two, but it seems to have improved (finally)." — Josh, St. Paul
    "I'm still shopping at Target as frequently as always (once per week) but they've changed so much of what they carry that they no longer carry some of what I buy. The most recent example is my husband's face wash: I've been looking for 3 weeks for it on the shelves but all they carry now are all these fancy beard butters and face wash brands I've never heard of that are loaded with chemicals. I was unable to find one men's face wash that met my standards for fragrance free and as few parabens, phlalates, and sulfates as possible."  — Kate, St. Paul
    "I'm pretty sure I now shop either the same or more at Target than I did in the last few years. I buy groceries there more often than I used to, due to a number of factors including their expansion of a number of stores to Super Targets and their increased selection of organic produce and other food items. I also now buy liquor when I'm at the one Target on University Avenue in St. Paul that has an attached liquor store." — Kari, Minneapolis
    "About the same. Target is my local go-to store for groceries on special, some drugs, and miscellaneous household supplies. I also avail myself of the odd special as their latest minimum and free shipping deals are good. Finally, I do find myself think of Target as a desirable MN-based company because of their donation to education policies." — Jim, Maple Plain
    "I would say that our shopping patterns have remained relatively consistent. We're regular Target customers with an average monthly bill of $2-3 hundred. We are not big consumers (we're both retired) but have a preference for Target because they appear to treat their employees well, are generous in their donations to community organizations and project a positive corporate image. We are also fans of brick and mortar stores because they provide local jobs and support local tax bases." — Richard, St. Paul
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    Customers who say they are shopping at Target more

    "I moved by one and get my groceries there all the time. Plus with the Red Card and Cartwheel I save more. It's basic convenience for me." — Stuart, St. Paul
    "More. (Because of) Cartwheel app and new baby." — Stacey, St. Paul
    "No time to go to multiple places, it's a one stop shop!" — Christina, Lakeville
    "Our local Target store has had a better offering of groceries, including produce and different varieties of grocery brands. Additionally, Target has a very simplified savings method with their integration of the cartwheel app, coupons and the perks program. I can also add on coupons that I clip from the newspaper or print from target's website ... Essentially I choose Target because it is more of a one-stop shop than other stores in the area. I do not shop at WalMart because I disagree with their company's political and social positions. I enjoy shopping at Target because of the things mentioned previously and I feel good about supporting them as a member of our community and a company that stands up for equal rights across the spectrum." — Jessica, Rosemount
    "I tend to shop online, and Target is absolutely my go-to both online and in-store. The selection cannot be beat, the grocery store is excellent, the clothes are always good quality and good selection. Plus returns are so easy, even for online purchases." — Debra, Eden Prairie
    "With the app and Red Card there are now items at Target that I can't find other places. And since I no longer have an infant, I can go to more than one store a day." — Amie, West Fargo
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    People who say Target's policy on transgender bathrooms influenced their shopping habits

    "I'm shopping about the same, maybe a little more. I recently opened a Red Card so I'm saving more money. I like Target's liberal policies on transgender equality so I'll continue to shop there." — Lori, St. Michael
    "Target's bathroom policy is not only illogical, but unsafe. When men no longer stand out in women's changing rooms you are going to have issues.Transgenders have been managing to use the bathroom for decades by themselves without the help of corporate elitists trying to social engineer or push a social justice agenda down the throats of the majority of the nation- if your business is dependent on people shopping at your store, why would you ever dream of offending the majority of the people?" — Troy, Esko
    "Target could continue to speak as voice for minorities and marginalized peoples. In the past, when Target took political positions on gay and trans rights, I supported with my business. Please continue to do so!" — Alliana, Minneapolis
    "(I) love your local support and GLBTQ friendly items, and your bathroom policies." — Christina, St. Paul
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    I started shopping there less after I got amazon prime, many of the items that I would buy at target (minus food) are cheaper on amazon or they have a better selection, and I get food at Trader Joes or Costco, plus the Target near me always seems dirty
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    It's increasingly hard to shop at Target. Stocking carts blocking aisles, employees unwilling or unable to help and getting frustrated that customers are in the store in the way. No checkouts, unstocked shelves, etc! I've always been a huge fan, but rethinking.
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    My family have curtailed our spending at target. Been to many experiences with over priced products, lack of products in itself. seem to always be out of the necessities and have more of the "frivolous" products. -Becca, White Bear Lake
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