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What do you think of the DACA program?

Minnesotans react to Trump's decision to end the DACA program.

    We asked Minnesotans what they thought of DACA, and how the program's end might affect them and those around them.
    Here were a few of their responses:
    “We have supported and helped 2 kids get work permits through DACA … Both are Americans, having never been back to their home country since arriving as toddlers, and having no memories of that country. They need this program, or a better one that will let them become full citizens with the right to vote — so they don't have to worry about their permits not being renewed every 2 years.” — Margaret, Fairbault

    “Keep DACA and expand it to accept the parents of those children also. These children are our children.  They didn't chose to come here but they are here and belong here.” — Patricia, Buffalo

    “The DACA program is a reasonable way to deal with many hard-working citizens that are contributing to our USA economy. These are not people that are begging on our street corners throughout the USA. The majority of these individuals are contributing to our economy.  A better way to deal with this situation is to develop a plan for those individuals to become tax paying USA citizens. That way they can contribute to our economy and would be eligible to vote.” — Angel, Alexandria

    “End it now. Anyone who came here illegally, needs to go back. I have had friends have to wait as long as five years to immigrate legally. There should be no line jumping regardless of reason.” — Rod, Minneapolis

    “(Ending DACA) makes a mockery of the sacrifice my grandfathers, father, uncles and I made serving in the U.S. military. This is not the same nation we fought for. I am ashamed it has become little more than glorified pro-wrestling match under the current administration.” — Joseph, Minneapolis

    “It is effective amnesty for illegal immigrants without legislative action. Granting a child lawful residence but not the parent? Obviously then, the parent(s) will be allowed to stay also. DACA and all failure of enforcement makes a mockery of immigration laws, encouraging disrespect for our laws in our newest residents.” — David, St. Paul

    “We are all connected.  Continuing the program gives the "Dreamers" and the rest of us, more time to make their case for a fair path to citizenship. Like most, my family exists because immigration was open between the 1600s and 1800s. There once were rules — what happened to them?” — Bonnie, Minnetonka

    “I think the media and the protesters are selling President Trump short.  I'm not a fan of his, but he and members of Congress have made it clear that this is paving the way for a more permanent solution.  It is Congress that should make laws, not the executive branch.” — Amy, St. Paul

    “I am an adult ESL teacher with 18 years in this field … I have DACA clients amongst my students. They are bright and young and full of hope and dreams.” — Krista, St. Paul

    “I am recently retired from teaching in a small city in Minnesota, working with teens who experience a variety of obstacles to their educational success. In that role, I came to know many hard-working young people who hoped the Dream Act would help alleviate a whole cluster of such obstacles … Like anyone else, these young people want to be accepted, and want to contribute to their communities. DACA allows that to happen, and needs to be de-stigmatized, not eliminated!” — Scott, Rollingstone

    “There are costs for importing and supporting the immigrants — costs of education, housing and feeding, medical care — all borne by taxpayers. And I have children who will have to compete for jobs with those illegally imported. We will prosper by seeing our taxes pay for our own citizens.” — Bill, Fergus Falls

    “My friend Norma had had DACA for five years. Because of it she has become a knowledgeable insurance agent. My friend Yesenia has DACA and is studying to become a speech therapist. My friend Rosa is an RN with DACA. DACA allowed these, and other friends, to live full and rewarding lives. I love DACA.” — Tim, Long Prairie

    “While I support the concept, I was not satisfied with it being the result of an executive order when the Constitution clearly states that matters of immigration are the responsibility of Congress. President Obama's executive action was clearly un-Constitutional.” — Bruce, Northfield

    “If Congress establishes a workable plan that does not encourage more illegal immigration, then it can be a positive force but to just continue the current program adds to the atmosphere of disregard for law and order and encourages the idea that if you don't like a law ignore it instead of work to change it.” — Dick, Andover

    “It affects me as a taxpaying, law-abiding American to have people in our country here illegally. While many of these were children when they came here it doesn't negate the fact they are here illegally.   Congress should take action to provide a way for the law-abiding members of this group, those who do not have a record of violating laws. The rest need to return back to where they came from, along with their illegal parents.” — John, Elk River

    "Living in North Branch, hardly a hub of Hispanic activity I have had business interaction recently with Hispanic workers on two occasions that I am aware of at a local restaurant and local sod farm. Who knows how many times I've been benefited by this group unknowingly. I have a neighbor, truck driver, operating his own business." — Peter, North Branch

    "While there would be positive stories about individual successes, DACA would increase generational participation and dependence upon social safety net programs. DACA would also continue to depress wages. Worst of all, its helpfulness to Democrats (through strategic commodification of race and ethnicity) would strengthen policies which support socialism and statism, at the expense of Constitutional freedoms and individual liberties for all Americans." — Jack, St. Paul

    "The fear is palpable amongst the DACA reciepients as well as those who know and care for their future." — Susan, Duluth

    "This is going to be a devastating blow to my students and their families. I am especially concerned for the form students who have already signed up and given the government all of their data." — Jim, Shakopee 
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