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  • Producer's Note for Friday, May 15th 

    9:00 Roundtable about the experience
    of first generation Americans

    10:00 This hour we're Roaming & Reading in places that were once inaccessible to Americans.  Well revisit Kerri Millers interviews about Vietnam and Baghdad later.  But first we go to Cuba, where the Minnesota Orchestra is preparing for two historic concerts this weekend. MPRs Euan Kerr is traveling with the orchestra and he joins Kerri this morning from Havana to talk about how the musicians are
    preparing and what kind of reception a new influx of American visitors are getting in the country.

    11:00 The St. Paul Saints play their first game -an exhibition game - at CHS Field next Monday. That game is only open to season ticket holders. The first regular season game open to the public is next Monday, May 21. The new ballpark project in the Lowertown area of St. Paul cost $63 million and seats 7200 people. Tom Weber took a tour.

    Guest: Sean Aronson, Director Media
    Relations/Broadcasting for the 
    St. Paul Saints

    11:15 The percentage of minorities working in the advertising and marketing industries is notably low. Tom Weber recently talked with three local leaders in these industries about how to change that. Well air highlights from a BrandLab Fearless Conversation.

    Guests: Mike Lescarbeau, CEO, Carmichael Lynch,

    Sonya Roberts, VP Salt Sales & Marketing, Cargill

    Kelly Baker, VP Human Resources, General Mills

    12:00 David Brooks of the New York Times, who spoke Thursday in Minneapolis at the Westminster Town Hall Forum. His new book is titled, "The Road to Character."

    by Marcheta Fornoff, MPR News edited by Michael Olson, MPR News 5/15/2015 5:53:56 PM
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